History: Sikkim, once the independent Kingdom, was ruled by Namgyal dynasty, Chogyal, for more than three hundreds years. The last ruler of the Sikkim was Palden Thundop Namgyal and the monarchy was ended in 1975. The Kingdom became 22nd state of republic of India on 26th April 1975. 

Natural: The state is heavily forested and abounds with the wildlife, rhododendrons and greater verities of orchids and wild flowers. About one third of the total area is covered with forest and is traversed by the main range of the Himalaya. The bio-diversity of the area ranges 250m above sea level to 8586m, summit of Mt Kanchenjunga, third highest mountain in the world.  

Geography: Sikkim is located in the north-eastern part of the India. The area of this land is 7096 sq. Km and is bounded by Tibet Autonomous region of China in the north and north-east, Bhutan in the north-south, West Bangal in South and Nepal in the west.  

People: The total population of state is approx 420000 and main inhabitants are Nepalese, Bhutia and Lepcha. Sikkimis and Nepali are principal local language where English is thenational language. Buddhisum and Hinduism are the principal religion. Agriculture is the main source of income for Sikkimis people where Tourism is also a growing industry.

Entry procedure: Indian Visa is required to enter Sikkim, and it can be obtained from the any Indian Embassy and consulate office around the world. A two copies passport sized photograph is required to proceed the application form and visa is normally valid for 6 months.

Access: Indian airline has a greater linkage to reach Sikkim, Baghdora airport is the only nearest airport and is 124 KM far from Gangtok. Domestic airport in Bhadrapur, Nepal is second nearest airport to reach Sikkim and is 146 KM far from Gangtok. Well road connection made easier to reach Sikkim.



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