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Visa Arrangement

All foreigners have to obtain Group Tibet Visa and special permit to enter into Tibet from Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu. We  also provide especial permit to Tibet. A photocopy of passport details is necessary for us to process for visa before 2 weeks. Group visa costs US$26 per person and  individual visa costs US$ 43. In case of urgent visa within a week costs double the price.


Best Season

April to Mid November. Regularly 2 flights in a week on every Tuesday and Saturday  by China South West  Airlines. Only one flight in winter for end of November to end of March.

What to bring?

We make all the arrangement of transport and accommodation. If you want to have an extra sleeping bag that will be better sometimes. The climate in Tibet is usually cold so you are suggested to have a pair of warm clothes, trekking boots, sun glass, toilet paper, anti- sun lotion, chip stick, medicines of high altitude sickness usually diamox, torch light, water bottle, camera and film, hat, snacks- food, personal medical kit, a good guide book and route map of Lhasa, etc.

Climate and Clothing

Tibet is very cold in winter. Mornings and evenings are cool though out the year thus suggested to have warm clothes. However days are usually sunny.

High Altitude Sickness

As you are traveling over high terrain, you may experience some of the minor symptoms and discomfort of altitude sickness i.e. little headache, loss of appetite until your body adjusts to the elevation. However, it is not dangerous take it lightly and drink plenty of non-alcoholic liquids for proper hydration. We also suggest you to carry a strip of diamox tablets. Ample travel offers you oxygen if it is necessary..


Having photograph is strictly prohibited in Tibet without permission.
You are not allowed to talk about Chinese government and their internal affair. You must not violet any rules and regulations, norms and values of China



Chinese money is called Yuan. U.S.$ 1 = 8 approximately. Money can be exchanged at the bank of China in Zhangbu, Sigatse and Lhasa. Credit cards are accepted only in Xigatse and Lhasa. Sometimes hotels also exchange money for you.




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